Svašek Hydraulics

Coastal, harbour and river engineering consultants



Coastal engineering problems ask for specific hydrographic measurements combined with numerical modelling. Svašek Hydraulics integrates these measurements within their projects and has extensive experience in doing the actual hydrographic measurements themselves.

Svašek Hydraulics general policy is to train our project engineers to carry out measurements themselves for the following reasons:

  • To familiarise them with hydrographic survey equipment;
  • To actually let them experience the hydraulic conditions in the field;
  • To understand the external factors, which affect the accuracy of measurements.

The result is that our hydraulic engineers gain more hydraulic experience and knowledge which they apply in their desk studies.

Svašek Hydraulics is experienced in the following type of surveys:

In the past measurements of bathymetry, topography, tides, waves, weather and currents have been executed all over the world. The locations of these projects are shown in the map below. The yellow dots have a link to a project sheet.

Costa Rica Curacao Guyana Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Guinea Ghana Togo Nigeria Nigeria Cameroon Namibia the Netherlands Norway Malta United Kingdom Ireland Lebanon South Korea Taiwan Sri Lanka Hazira, India Cilacap, Indonesia Biak, Indonesia Tual, Indonesia Kupang, Indonesia