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Fixed and vessel mounted current measurements

Current measurements are carried out for mainly the calibration of our numerical modelling or else are used as boundary conditions. Svašek Hydraulics owns a regularly used Valeport Model 108 MkIII direct reading current meter, and has recently purchased a Nortek AS 1 MHz Acoustic Wave and Current (AWAC) profiler. Other equipment is used as well. Past current measurement campaigns were carried out using the following equipment:

  • Upward looking AWAC profiler, installed on the sea bed in India and Guyana.
  • Vessel Mounted AWAC profiler, used again in India and Guyana to measure current profiles along transects and discharges through rivers.
    Recently, the vessel mounted AWAC is used to measure the current in Weymouth (UK) and in Vlissingen and Terneuzen (The Netherlands).
  • Current measurements with a Workhorse Mariner (Teledyne, RDI Instruments) Vessel mounted current profiler in The Netherlands, Berghaven.
  • Aquadopp (Nortek AS) fixed point current measurements, applied for profile measurements as well as single point measurements.
  • Marco Flow current meter connected to an EMM data telemetry buoy, Ghana.