Svašek Hydraulics

Coastal, harbour and river engineering consultants


    Scheldestromen Water Board
    Zwakke Schakel project office

    Cadzand-Bad, the Netherlands

    2011 - 2015

    SWAN wave modelling,
    HARES wave modelling,
    FINEL2D morphological
    simulations, Optimisation and
    design sea defence,
    Design marina layout

The West Zeeuws-Vlaanderen weak link runs from Breskens to the Zwin. It’s such a large area, the weak link is split into five sub-areas. One of them is Weak Link Cadzand-Bad. Cadzand-Bad is located in the south-western part of the Netherlands at the entrance of the Western Scheldt.

Svašek Hydraulics has written the design report of the sea defence and has derived detailed design conditions using the numerical wave model SWAN. One important part of the coastal defence is the extension and reinforcing of the existing breakwaters. By moving one of breakwaters there is the space for realising a marina between the two breakwaters. The feasibility of the combination of sea defence and creating a marina is carried out.

Wave penetration between the breakwaters has been simulated with HARES. Numerous HARES simulations were made to study different layouts and for the optimisation of the marina and effects for wave-overtopping at the sea defence.

FINEL2D is applied to forecast morphological development for different layouts of the marina. Next to it, current predictions are made in relation with the safety for swimmers.

The marina and the dike will be under construction in 2015.

© Illustration by Eric van Rootselaar