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Nautical field study near CERES container terminal, Port of Amsterdam

Port of Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Measurements of currents, water levels, meteo and ship movements

For the CERES container terminal in the Port of Amsterdam a nautical field study has been carried out. The aim was to collect information regarding currents, water levels and track ship movements during 6 weeks. The following instruments were deployed: AWAC-AST A vertical looking Acoustic Current profiler in the North Sea Channel (see centre left picture of grey frame above) that measures velocities in the entire water column.

A horizontal looking Acoustic Current profiler near the entrance of the CERES terminal (see bottom left picture of instrument) that measures velocities in the horizontal water column.

A vertical looking Acoustic Current profiler mounted on a ship to measure currents.

Water level
At several locations in the area the water level was recorded (see top left picture of instrument) with a frequency of 2Hz.

Ship movements
For the recording of ship movements in the area an AIS system (Automatic Identification System) was deployed, which recorded all the ship positions, speed, heading, size of the vessel and draught.