Svašek Hydraulics

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Survey Guyana

Ministry of Public Works in Guyana

European development fund


2003 - 2004

Bathymetric survey, tidal measurements, ADCP wave and current measurements

Associated firms
Royal Haskoning

processed bathymetric data for pilot area shallow water survey boat

Svašek Hydraulics, as a subcontractor to Royal Haskoning, has organised and carried out survey activities at the shallow foreshore of the coast of Guyana.
For this purpose a shallow water boat (licensed for coastal waters) was used. The boat was fully equipped and adapted to the specific requirements of the project in the Netherlands and then shipped to Guyana where it could start work immediately.

The survey area measures approximately 20 km offshore and 100 km long shore. Furthermore 3 permanent tide gauges and 2 bottom mounted wave-current stations (ADCP) were set up.

The shallow water zone was surveyed mobilising each day from the shore and keeping good communication from the vessel to the shore for safety reasons.