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OSO NGL Recovery Project Bonny River Terminal

Mobil Producing Nigeria Unlimited (owner)
Bouygues Offshore (EPC contractor)

Bonny River, Nigeria

1995 - 1997

Field surveys and hydraulic design of marine facilities

The recovery of NGL from the OSO oil and gas fields in Nigeria requires among others the construction of an export terminal in Bonny River between Bonny Town and the ocean corner.
The terminal includes the construction of a loading jetty for large NGL carriers and a small boat dock inside Finima Creek with access to the river. The marine facilities were designed in 1995 and completed in 1997.

The following services were provided:
  • hydrographic surveys (topography, bathymetry, currents, waves, sediments)
  • 2D numerical modelling of currents, waves and sediment transport (FINEL2D)
  • satellite imagery analysis on shoreline development
  • analysis of maintenance dredging volumes
  • determination of mooring loads (TERMSIM)
  • evaluation of navigational procedures
  • optimisation of lay out of marine structures