Svašek Hydraulics

Coastal, harbour and river engineering consultants


Fishing Ports Biak, Tual, Kupang

Government of Indonesia, Asian Development Bank

Biak, Tual, Kupang, Indonesia

1992 (study)

Associated firms
De Weger Architects and Consulting Engineers, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Pt Triweger, Jakarta, Indonesia

Marine surveys, hydraulic study, preliminary design

At 3 locations in the Indonesian archipelago small scale fishing harbours are planned to improve the facilities for the local fishermen.
At each location berthing facilities are planned for access by local fishing craft and by freezers for exporting the fish. Onshore facilities are designed for fish processing, freezing and storage of fresh fish.

Extent of services:

  • preliminary marine surveys at each site
  • hydraulic study (wave climate, wave propagation and sediment transport) by mathematical modelling
  • preliminary design of marine works at each site