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Svašek Hydraulics official supplier Delta Lloyd Dutch Olympic Sailing Team

24 October 2011- Svašek Hydraulics and the Delta Lloyd Dutch Olympic Sailing Team of the Royal Netherlands Yachting Union have recently extended their cooperation. Following a successful parntership during the Olympic Games 2008 in Qingdao, Svašek Hydraulics will once again provide accurate current forecasts for the Dutch Olympic sailing team of the Olympic sailing area in Weymouth during the Olympic Games in England for London 2012.

The Royal Netherlands Yachting Union is extremely happy with the renewed exclusive cooperation with the hydraulic experts of Svašek. Jaap Zielhuis, in 2008 the head coach and now the coach of the Laser class, explains the significance of the current forecasts:

"The support of Svašek was of vital importance in order to achieve two silver medals in Qingdao 2008. We used the numerical models of Svašek that generated very accurate current forecasts in the Olympic water. At that time we compared the current forecasts during the preparation to our own observations on the water and that gave us a lot of trust in the current forecasts of Svašek. This confidence – to exactly know what is going on – was something what the sailors needed. Uncertainty about the current in the Olympic water, like questioning whether to go left or right to get the most benefit of the current is something you don’t want to have to answer during the games.”

See animation of 2008 models here.

In other words, enough reasons to extend the cooperation. Definitely after a very successful test during the Olympic Test Event in August 2011. Zielhuis continues:

“The Olympic Games in 2012 are being held at England’s South coast. Five sailing areas will be charted in front of the coast of Weymouth. In the bay, nearby the coast, the current will be very weak, but more seawards the current is significant. Especially at the courses in between, the current is a very important factor during the games. Just when the current is changing direction, it is very important to know exactly, on micro level, what will happen. In August 2011 during the Pre-Olympics we already used Svašek’s current forecast that resulted in two gold, one silver and two bronze medals for the Delta Lloyd Dutch Olympic Sailing Team as a result!"

Bram Bliek, director of Svašek Hydraulics, is also pleased with the successful cooperation with the Delta Lloyd Dutch Olympic Sailing Team: “We are a relatively small company but we supply very advanced products to our customers worldwide. Our work is not always visible. The cooperation with the Royal Netherlands Yachting Union is, besides very fascinating, a great opportunity to show what we do and what our added value can be for our customers.”

Svašek Hydraulics is a specialist consultant in coastal, harbour and river engineering. Their expertise focuses on water dynamics (currents and waves) and sediment transport caused by the water dynamics. The extent of their services varies between expert's opinion reports and detailed mathematical modelling, and from pre-feasibility study to preparation of tender documents and construction supervision. Svašek operates for Dutch as well as for international governmental bodies and authorities, contractors, industrial companies and general consultants. Svašek Hydraulics is based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and was founded in 1969 by J.N. (Honzo) Svašek (1926-1994). A.J. (Bram) Bliek is the General Manager since 1984.