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CHIDA Best Paper Award from CEDA Region Goes to Lynyrd de Wit

17 September 2010

The Chinese Dredging Association (CHIDA), the organiser of WODCON XIX (9-12 September 2010 in Beijing, China) presented Best Paper Awards to four authors as follows: One Grand Prize (US$ 1000) was presented to a Chinese author and three second prizes (US$ 500 each) were given to one - one author from each of the three sister dredging associations of WODA, the World Organisation of Dredging Associations.

The Best Paper Award from the CEDA region was given to Lynyrd de Wit, employee at Svašek Hydraulics and part-time PhD candidate at Delft University of Technology, the Netherlands, for his paper entitled "Near Field 3D CFD Modelling of Overflow Plumes". Selected from amongst 30 CEDA papers, and written as part of a PhD study, Mr de Wit's paper, describes the 3D Computational Fluid Dynamics Model developed to solve the complicated turbulent whirling flow of a dredge plume under the keel of a TSHD.
The dominant driving forces from density and momentum differences are fully taken into account in 3 dimensions.

The other winning papers were as follows:

  • Grand Prize from CHIDA: Dredging Simulator of a Cutter Suction Dredger by Liu Ruixiang, Ni Fushen, Zhou Quansheng, China.
  • Second Prize from the WEDA region: Development of a High Resolution Non Nuclear Density Profiler For Dredging Residuals and Fluid Mud by Timothy Welp, Michael Tubman, Brian Schumacher, Norbert Greiser, Trap Puckette and Derek Wilson, USA.
  • Second Prize from the EADA region: Geotextile Tube Installation Barge by Yuichi Kamada

Photo: From left: Yang Zunwei, Secretary General of CHIDA and Lynyrd de Wit. Courtesy of Tony Slinn