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    Svašek Hydraulics
    TU Delft

    3D turbulent flow,
    Sediment transport,
    Density currents (warm/cold,
    salinity, sediment).
    Large Eddy Simulation.

TUDFlow3d is a fully 3 dimensional CFD (computational fluid dynamics) solver which can give detailed turbulent results on engineering scale. The Large Eddy Simulation approach is used to capture the influence of turbulence; hence the most important larger scale eddies are resolved instead of modeled like in RANS. Density currents can be solved, for example warm/cold water outlets, salinity flows, sediment transport.

TUDFlow3d is based on a numerical code from the TU Delft and further developed to be applicable for engineering scale at Svašek Hydraulics. It uses a fast solver on structured grids and runs parallel through MPI. On a 8 core workstation engineering scale flow problems with high Reynolds number can be simulated within hours-days on grids involving 1-50 million cells.

TUDFlow3d has been applied successfully for:

  • Release of sediment plumes from a moving dredging vessel
  • Release of tailing plumes near the seabed
  • Salinity plume in a crossflow
  • Turbulent channel flow
  • Turbulent channel flow with high/low concentration sediment (important or no impact concentration on flow density and velocities)
  • Density currents with and without deposition